Darker Passions

Reviews and more of PNR, UF, and darker things.

Turkey in the Snow

Turkey in the Snow - Amy Lane A really sweet love story. Love Justin and Hank, would like more of their story. If you're looking for a good Christmas story this is a pretty good one. It's also a wonderful break from the angst/drama I usually read.

A Home for Jesse

A Home for Jesse - Iyana Jenna 2.5 stars

His Omega

His Omega - A.C. Katt 3.5 stars


Cockstrut - Jacques N. Hoff 3.5 stars

Jay Walking

Jay Walking - Jacques N. Hoff 3.5

Ice Cream and Kisses

Ice Cream and Kisses - Andrew Jericho, Anita Kinley I liked the story overall, but I read "white boy" & "sweet tea" a few to many times. I understand that this was an interracial couple; it just felt like that was emphasized so much it threw me out of the story. Other than that is was a 3.5 stars.

The Perfect Union

The Perfect Union - Trina Lane
  It broke my heart when Calleigh lost her husband. It made me smile when Rick and Conner let her know they wanted more than friendship. It made me HOT when they showed her just how much more.
This is a love story, plain and simple. It was refreshing and well written. I loved Conner's accent, well done.


Gabriel's Pretty

Gabriel's Pretty - Bellann Summer Hope to get Haley and Steve's story.

Alone in a Crowd

Alone in a Crowd - Carol Lynne Love to get more of Nate, Rio, and Ryan's story.

Bent - Not Broken

Bent - Not Broken - Carol Lynne 2.5 stars

Vampire's Mate

Vampire's Mate - Dakota Dawn 2.5 stars

Never Go Back

Never Go Back - Lisa Oliver Another great addition to the series. Loved both stories.

Endless Midnight

Endless Midnight - Gabrielle Evans 3.5

Heart of a Mate

Heart of a Mate - Stormy Glenn 3.5 stars.

Fangs and a Wet Nose

Fangs and a Wet Nose - Joyee Flynn 3.5 stars

Carlos's Uncontrollable Wolf

Carlos's Uncontrollable Wolf - A.J. Jarrett Another good addition to the series. Glad to get Josh's story.

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