Undisputed Truth

Undisputed Truth - Mike Tyson, Larry Sloman 3.5 stars.
It took a lot of guts for Tyson to face the truth of his life much less put it out there for all to see. This is a look into the real person that is Mike Tyson with all his faults, flaws, and sense of humor. It didn’t feel as if he was trying to justify his life or actions, just informing or explaining what he’s been through and what he’s learned from the experiences. You’ll read about things you know, and wished to know. I got the feeling he hid nothing and faced it all. On a personal level I’m proud of his years of sobriety and facing his demons. I lived through my mother’s struggle to accomplish the same thing and it was no easy feat as it continues to be on a daily basis for anyone who tries to live a life of sobriety.

(I received a copy from publisher for an honest review.)