Born of Lies (Red Ridge Pack #0.5)

Born of Lies (Red Ridge Pack #0.5) - Sara Dailey, Staci Weber Born of Lies is a prequel to the Red Ridge Pack series. At 90 pages it doesn’t take long to read and makes this review difficult to write without spoiling. I was hooked from the beginning and didn’t put it down until I was done. It’s a well written emotional read with just the right amount of tension throughout. The characters were surprisingly developed for a novella and it flowed nicely. It never felt rushed like you get with some shorter stories.

I definitely recommend this to those who have read the series for a well done back story. I also recommend this as a good series for anyone else. I for one haven’t read the rest of the series and will be getting the next book soon.

(I received a copy from Book Monster Promotions for an honest review as part of a tour.)