Just A Couple Ex's Exposed

Just A Couple Ex's Exposed - Shirl Anders A quick read that is sweet and sexy. This doesn’t really focus on the actual cheating, except in the very beginning when the cheaters are caught. It’s about the husband and wife that were cheated on. I’m not usually a big fan of infidelity in any form, but this was an enjoyable read. The Dual POV was well done and easy to follow. The devastation of adultery and dealing with its aftermath is handled realistically but not too deeply due to the length of the story.

Nia and Jack are both married to people who have drinking problems that brings out their egocentric tendencies. As Nia and Jack help each other through this very trying time they start to fall for each other. In this new relationship they face some of their own issues and are more open and honest with each other. As a result this new relationship is healthier, happier and way more smexually satisfying for both of them.

(I received a copy from publisher in exchange for an honest review.)

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