Dare You To

Dare You To - Katie McGarry WOW, this was a fantastic read. I was up way to late because I couldn’t put it down. It didn’t hurt that Beth lived in the city where I grew up and that I had friends from Ryan’s County. Ryan is the star ball player for his High School and has the perfect family. At least that’s how it all looks from the outside, but it doesn’t feel so perfect when you’re on the inside. Ryan misses his brother and behind closed doors his parents’ true feelings for each other are let out. It appears they can’t stand each other. His dad acts as if his brother no longer exists and refuses to allow Ryan or his mother to have any contact with him. All Ryan is focused on is making into the Pros and his dad is just as obsessed with it, so much that it’s not clear whose dream it really is at times. Then Ryan is dared to get Beth’s phone number and that’s when his life starts to change. At first he doesn’t see anything past Beth’s hard exterior, but that’s OK ‘because she’s just a dare and he’ll never see her again, right? Wrong, Beth’s uncle brings her to Ryan’s small town to get her away from her mother. Ryan has to deal with his dysfunctional, yet perfect on the outside, family and figure out what he really wants. He also has to fight to be his own person, making his own decisions. Ryan has to overcome the “dare” and the hurt he’s inflicted on Beth to get her to trust him and her love for him. Beth is from the wrong side of the tracks and has the attitude to go with it. She’s never had it easy, always struggling for food, clothing, and most of all a parents love. Beth’s best friend is a tattooed “tough” guy that looks out for her. They also drink and drug together, until Beth takes the fall for her mom and is “rescued” by her long lost Uncle. Beth doesn’t want to go with Scott, she doesn’t want leave Isaiah or her mom. Beth lives with her aunt, but makes sure her mom eats. There would be no one to look out for her mom when Beth’s gone. Beth has to struggle to overcome her past and learn to let her mother go (if she can). This is a touching and dark journey of two young people falling in love and fighting to be with each other on top of finishing their last year of high school. This is listed as young adult, but I would say it’s for mature young adults due to the subject matter; there isn’t any sex in this book. (I received a copy from the publisher for an honest review)Also posted on Darker Passions