Making it Last (Novella)

Making It Last - Ruthie Knox WOW! I loved this story! I love the way it hit the nail on the head. It tackles the issues of losing yourself to motherhood and being a wife; and it does it really well. How being a father and husband who has to provide and work endlessly you lose focus on some of the most important things that get us through life. This is another story of Amber and Tony, but you don’t really have to read the first. I didn’t and I wasn’t lost at all. I’m having a hard time writing this review for two reasons. I’m having a hard time getting my thoughts/emotions down and I really don’t want to spoil any of this wonderful love story. Amber and Tony’s story picks up after the rush of first love and lust. After ten years, children, and the struggles of day to day life gets in the way. Amber is confused, she knows she should be happy, but she’s not. She misses her husband and wonders if he still loves and wants her. Her pain and struggle to deal with all this is palpable. Tony loves his wife and family, but senses he’s about to lose it all and doesn’t know how to fix it. He’s constantly working to pay the bills and provide for his family. As a man and husband he sees that as his duty, and it is, but like most men he sometimes misses the finer points. Tony comes to realize it isn’t the money or house; it’s him his wife and family need and crave. This is a very believable story of renewing love. I could feel the pain and confusion of Amber and Tony as they struggled to find each other again. I could very easily see myself in Amber’s shoes; marriage is hard work and we all get lost at some point. Darker Passions(ARC provided by publisher for an honest review.)