Under the Mistletoe (Lucky Harbor, #6.5)

Under the Mistletoe (Lucky Harbor, #6.5) - Jill Shalvis I received a free copy of this from NetGalley for an honest review.This is a short story in the Lucky Harbor series. We get to learn more about Tara and Ford’s daughter that they gave up for adoption. It’s not necessary to read the series to enjoy this story, but it is highly recommended. Mia and Nick are both orphans. They were raised in completely different circumstances. I watched Mia and Nick come to terms with their pasts, face and accept their future. Mia was adopted by a loving family and found her birth parents at the age of 17. Her birth parents welcomed her into their lives and gave her the love she was looking for. Mia’s insecurities come into play when her boyfriend, Nick, refuses her gift. In response Mia shuts the door in his face and on their relationship. Mia just wanted/needed to be first in someone’s life and Nick’s rejection was devastating to her. Nick wasn’t adopted, instead he was raised in foster care, going from family to family until he was “set free” at 18. He has no experience with a loving family and doesn’t know how to act around one. This is Nick’s issue; his knee-jerk rejection of Mia’s gift was due to his fear of interacting with her family and his total lack of knowledge of how much he needs and loves Mia. When he comes to his senses, of course it’s too late and he has to follow her to Lucky Harbor. The Lucky Harbor B&B is where Mia and Nick struggle and fight for their future. Chloe and Sawyer’s wedding reception also plays a part in the outcome. I did like the part the Carlos plays in this very short story. Over all this is a sweet and romantic love story perfect for a quick read. Also posted on Darker Passions