Sacrifice of Passion

Sacrifice of Passion - Melissa Bourbon Ramirez Received from publisher for an honest review. Mystery, Myth, and Romance! Oh My! Sacrifice of Passion has all of that and more. This is the first book from this author that I have read and I was pleased to find a well written book with a complex mystery to solve and long suffering characters fighting their attraction and love for each other. Vic and Delaney were teenagers in love, preparing to spend forever together when tragedy and misinterpretations throw everything off the rails. Delaney runs from the only home and people she’s known in the misguided thought that no one, especially Vic, would understand and forgive what happened to her. Vic is left reeling and alone. Not understanding why she left. Delaney comes home to face her past and hopefully exercise the demons that have tormented her for 12 yrs. She is a strong woman, as evidenced by what she went through and that she is willing to face it on the hope that she can gain some semblance of a normal life. Delaney has to face the one man she’s ever loved, because in a small town you can’t avoid it. She has to struggle through nightmares and sleepwalking that takes her to some interesting places ;) Vic is a man who feels a bit beaten down by life. His son won’t talk to him, the love of his life (who left him with no explanation) is back in town and something is killing livestock. Vic is struggling to be a dad to the son he found out about only a short while ago. He first sees Delaney again when he takes his son’s new pet to the vet clinic where she works. He is angry, of course, but also cold and cruel to her. The second time is at the bar he owns. Vic comes up with the “Deal” and asks Delaney about it. She’s tempted but too scared and angry to agree. Vic is devastated by the way he has treated her when he discovers the real reason Delaney left that night. While Vic and Delaney are dealing with their feelings for each other and coming to terms with finding out what really happened to each other 12 yrs. ago they also have something out there killing livestock. They town is rife with the myth of the chupacabra to explain how the animals were killed. Myth? This is only one of the things to read this book, a compelling mystery to solve.