Me, Cinderella?

Me, Cinderella? - Aubrey Rose 3.5 stars. This is a sweet and emotional love story. I really liked the fact that the plot revolves around the relationship between Brynn and Eliot. We are introduced to Brynn’s two “study buddies” and to Eliot’s brother; they are well developed secondary characters that don’t distract from the main story line. Brynn is very intelligent and shy; she hasn’t had it easy in her life. She lost her mother at a young age and her father remarried a real witch. Brynn was emotionally abused by her father and his new family, until her maternal grandmother took her in. Brynn learned love and to pass along her good fortune from her grandmother. Unfortunately her father’s actions also taught her not to trust. When Brynn sees Eliot in the snow she follows her impulse and gives him a cup of coffee and has a short conversation with him. Little did she know that this is the man that would steal and break her heart, along with forcing her to face her issues. At times she was too forgiving; staying in a place that has no heat and literally freezing to death she waits way too long to call Eliot because she doesn’t want to disturb him at his dinner. Really? She’s in a strange country with no other contact and he’s the one responsible for her accommodations. Call before you go into hypothermia. Eliot is still suffering a loss from ten years ago and is surprised when Brynn shows up and offers kindness and a bit of company for a brief time. He’s stunned to realize that this young woman has stirred his interest. He fights against his loss and growing love for Brynn so hard he really hurts her. I got a bit upset with his back and forth attitude, especially since he was taking Brynn along for the ride. One minute hot and the next freezing. Eliot hides behind the teacher – student issue almost to distraction. I admit it was an important aspect of the story, but Brynn is a grown woman who is graduating almost immediately upon returning to America. It just got a bit too much at times regardless of the necessity. I did like that Brynn finally stood up to him and as a result he had to confront the past and deal with it instead of running from it. Eliot also realizes he can’t let her go after he almost losses her to a traumatic event (won’t spoil). Overall this is a good quick read. I recommend this to anyone looking for a heartwarming love story and like to watch two people grow while they find themselves and each other. (I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.) Darker Passions