Gone Wild

Gone Wild - Ever McCormick I read this one straight through before I even realized it. It was really good and grabbed my attention right away. This is a fairly relaxing read with just a bit of a mystery. Ina is looking for a chance to think and come to terms with everything that has recently happened to her. She wasn’t prepared to run into (almost literally) the very hot man of the mountain. She suddenly finds herself thinking about and spending time with Adam instead of doing the introspection she had planned. It actually worked for her, Adam asks some important questions that Ina has to consider and her feelings for Adam make her reevaluate what she was really feeling for her ex. That is until her ex pulls off one hell of another betrayal. I won’t spoil it, but what a first class jerk. Adam is on his mountain due to a traumatic past event. He doesn’t want to deal with the “real world” and now he doesn’t have to. He is a very sweet, gentle man under all his abruptness, flannel, and facial hair. When Adam lets himself fall for Ina he does so with his whole heart and he is an alpha man. She is his woman and he will protect her. I would like to have my very own Adam. The story flows nicely and I enjoy watching Adam and Ina fall for each other slowly. They spent a decent amount of time just getting to know each other and spending time together. They didn’t just jump into bed with each other. I loved their talks and walks. The mystery was good and did not overwhelm the sweet romance of the book. (I received a copy for an honest review.)Darker Passions ETC: Typo