Mine to Take

Mine to Take - Cynthia Eden I really like Cynthia Eden’s paranormal books, but I loved this Contemporary Romance. It’s full of suspense, mystery, and some serious heat. I have to admit that I figured out who the stalker was a bit before the end, but the twists it took getting me there were awesome. Trace pushed Skye away when they were younger so that she would follow her dream and has regretted it and missed her for ten years. He gets his second chance when she comes to him for help and protection, something he’s done for her since the beginning. Trace saw Skye on the video screen and stuck by her side from then on. If you’re looking for a possessive alpha male Trace is your guy. He is one hot billionaire and badass. Skye is the only one he’s ever allowed to see all of him and he’ll do anything to keep her safe and his from now on. Trace is not letting Skye get away this time. Skye is a woman who has lost everything, including no longer being sure of who she is. It all started with the accident and having a stalker is not helping either. A very talented stalker who seems to be able to get around any security Skye has. She swallows her pride and goes to the one man she’s always loved, but who told her to get the hell out of his life ten years ago, for help. Skye is tender and vulnerable with a core of steel when she needs it. This was a very detailed and in depth novella. I got to know the main characters and got a good idea of the secondary characters as well (Reese’s story next?!!). The heat in this was sizzling, steamy, hot and well portrayed. I have to mention that I found no editing issues. I recommend this to those looking for heat, mystery, on hot alpha hero, and a strong heroine. I would’ve given a 5 star if it had been longer, I was left wanting nothing but more from this one. It could’ve easily been full length, but is a very well done novella. I received a copy from the author in return for an honest review. Darker Passions