Diamonds and Spurs (The Callens, #9) - Melody Snow Monroe 3.5 starsMelody Snow Monroe is a new author to me and I did enjoy this book. This may be the ninth in a series, but it can definitely be read as a stand-alone. There is ménage sex, but also one on one and both are very hot and intense. I had no issue with the editing and felt the story was well written and flowed nicely. Mandy is a woman on the run from an ex-husband who may do anything to keep her from testifying against him. To be on the safe side she tells no one where is going and is sure to not work as a teacher which Craig would expect. Working on Sam’s ranch as a guide for women Mandy runs into Vance and is immediately attracted to him. On top of worrying about her ex, she has a run in with her guys’ ex-fiancé. Is it a good idea to get involved with your bosses cousin? It worked out for Mandy. Vance is instantly attracted to Mandy and brings her home to meet Cam. There weren’t any real issues with Vance and I loved him. Cam had issues; his ex-fiancé ran off with his ring and credit card and ran up a lot of charges. This is something Cam deals with and does so quickly. The mystery is who exactly is trying to run off or kill Mandy. There’s shooting, fires and bombs involved. Is it the boys ex, Sharon or Mandy’s ex Craig? This is one of the things to figure out while you enjoy the interactions and very steamy sex between Mandy and her men. There were times I wished the three of them got intimate more instead of the one on one sex. I did pick this because of the ménage aspect, but overall this was an enjoyably hot read. I recommend this for anyone who likes cowboys, ménage relationships, action, and mystery. (I was given a copy from the publisher in return for an honest review.)Darker Passions