Bloodstorm (Heart of a Vampire, #1)

Bloodstorm (Heart of a Vampire, #1) - Amber Kallyn Book received for author for a honest review.I read this book straight through, the prologue hooked me. I liked the fact that some humans knew about the paranormal world and others didn’t. It was a refreshing take; the characters could be more relaxed but had to be somewhat careful at the same time. There is the mystery of who is killing the werewolves, Niki seeking her revenge but through it all we get to witness Shane and Niki fight to be free of their pasts. The battles they face for a future with each other were something that came across well.Niki is a woman who was changed, physically and emotionally, at the young age of 17. That has shaped her into the hard, closed off, and revenge seeking vampire she is. It was entertaining and endearing to witness Niki’s struggle to open up her heart. Her biggest obstacle of course was Niki herself. Niki couldn’t see a future for herself, having been consumed with avenging her family for 200 yrs. Shane wasn’t supposed to be a keeper, but the fates chose him instead. As Shane starts to settle into his life as sheriff, shaman and keeper Niki shows up in his town and grabs his attention in more than one way. Shane now has to deal with this undeniable attraction to a rouge vampire, but also the death of weres by vampires. On top of all this Shane struggles to reconcile feelings he has for Niki. Sure he’s the keeper but the weres, vamps, and other paranormal beings out there are monsters, right? The Vampire King of this territory made for an interesting character and helped to add depth to Shane’s personality. I’m looking forward to reading his story in the next book, Hungerstorm. I only had a few issues with the story. Why/how was Shane picked to be the keeper instead of who it was supposed to be? How was Niki turned when her whole family was killed? Did her sire not know right away and if not he surely figured it out as she was hunting him for 200 years? So…why didn’t he claim her as one of his making? A little bit more background would have made it a much more engrossing book. Review also posted on Darker Passions