Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts, #1)

Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts, #1) - Kele Moon I loved this story about two people who help each other through their issues and save ones life. A case of the whole being better than its parts. Clay and Melody find love with each other. They also find what each needs to heal. Clay gives Melody love and safety. Melody accepts Clay and everything he is. There is plenty of heat and action as well. The supporting cast was written well, they have personalities and quirks all their own. Yes, this has some seriously steamy scenes, I will never forget that window, but overall I think it’s a love story. Melody is Garnet trying to rebuild her life and herself. Her ex left her a shell of herself. The ex she married to make sure her mother was taken care of. The problem is he doesn’t want to let his punching bag go. She has to heal her heart and accept that Clay can keep her and himself safe. Clay is the UFC Champion, but that doesn’t mean he’s without issues of his own. He didn’t have a good childhood, alright it down right sucked. He’s tired of the groupies and feels as if there are only two people who don’t want something from him. When a shy waitress gives him a piece of pie he is literally astounded. Clay has to decide to live his life for himself and accept that he is worthy of love. Also posted in full on Darker PassionsThis is a definite keeper/re-read for me. I just love Clay.