The Vincent Boys

The Vincent Boys  - Abbi Glines 3.5 stars I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Right from the beginning, it had me hooked. A lot of contemporary romance books go through the whole “Oh golly gosh, we want to be together but can’t” phase for at least a couple of chapters, which puts me off as a reader. This book didn’t fool around with that, which I thoroughly appreciated. Ashton, a good girl tired of the restraints of perfection, is faced with a serious problem right from the get-go. Her effortlessly perfect boyfriend, Sawyer, is off on a camping trip all summer, leaving her alone to deal with his bad boy cousin, Beau. The second she goes to pick up him and his extremely intoxicated girlfriend, she feels old feelings beginning to reemerge with startling strength. Like I said, I appreciated that there wasn’t any time wasted on a wishy washy hero or heroin. The closest it gets to that is Beau constantly making sure this is what Ashton wants, which didn’t detract from the story but instead helped to show that Beau is not the selfish piece of trailer trash that everybody thinks he is, but actually cares deeply about his cousin and the girl they both love. I loved the way they fit together seamlessly despite years of being apart. The passion and love was intense and enjoyable throughout the entire book, up until a couple of chapters from the end. I’m not going to spoil it, but there was a turn of events that put me off completely so that I had to flip to the end just to skim and see if I should just put the book down and leave it unfinished. Though it ended up ending exactly how it should have and it was a fantastic book, I would not reread it and the bit at the end leads me to put it somewhere around 3.5 stars.I won a copy of this from AToMR tours.