The Forever Dream: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance - Iris Johansen I liked this one and yet I didn’t. I’m not sure if I can explain it, it may just be my personal preferences. The writing was very good, the pace was good, and the story took a few turns that surprised me. I think that I was bothered/frustrated by Tania’s hot then cold attitude towards Jared; it went on too long for me. There were some things I felt were a bit over the top, but went with this story. I won’t say what they were because it would spoil too much. Overall I liked Tania; she’s a very strong and determined individual. Jared is a man who has never known love and has always been lonely. Finding Tania changes that, even if she is brought to him in a way he would never have done. Once I got past his arrogance, which is deserved if annoying, I fell for Jared. He is loving and tender with Tania. He understands her and accepts her for who she is flaws and all. I would recommend this, especially to those who like contemporary romance with angst and mystery. Oh, and some HOT times between the H and h. I do wish there had been more to the end; I got my HEA, but a less abrupt conclusion would’ve been more satisfying. (I received a copy from the publisher for an honest review.)