Holly's Awakening (Creek Valley, #2) - Sam Crescent 2.5 stars. First I have to say that I have loved everything else I've read from Sam Crescent and was a bit shocked with Holly's Awakening. This had a lot of potential. There seemed to be little editing. Using "she" when it should've been "he" more than once. Another example is at Loc 270 "Yeah, Callie appreciated our custom." I'm going to guess it was suppose to be something along the lines of patronage, seeing how it was about a purchase he made. Another at Loc 987: "Are you doing to answer her, or should I?" - doing should've been going? I liked the plot and characters. The smex was really hot and I do like some m/m action; but again the number of errors made it a bit of a chore to get through:( etc: typo