Take a Chance on Love - Christi Williams This is a sweet love story that tackles the issues of being a single parent finding love, abuse, and trying to create a new family. These were handled very well and the book was very well written, it’s refreshing to read something that has actually been edited. Chancie has so many things to deal with, her deceased husband was emotional abusive and she married at such a young age. When she meets Micah she’s scared to open up, but when she does there’s no going back for her. Chancie is a very strong woman with a soft center. She needs the love Micah has to give her, but they have to fight her son the whole way. I do mean fight, but I won’t go into detail and spoil it for you. Micah is a tough cop that was hurt in the past and will never admit he’s a bit afraid to try again. He loves Chancie, but won’t jump in all the way due to this fear and her son. I love the way he lets Chancie take the lead and set the pace at first. He’s an alpha male that is oh so very tender and a wonderful lover. I wouldn’t pass up the chance to have a Micah of my own. Overall this is a true love story about two people finding each other and dealing with their individual issues and what it takes to make it work. They have a bit more of a struggle due to a child being in the picture, and boy did I really dislike Jamie in the beginning. As with the other characters, Jamie grows throughout the story and I began to see and understand his true issues. By the end of the book I was very proud of his growth and maturity. I recommend this to anyone looking for a sweet read with little angst. I really liked the fact that no one was being chased or in danger of being killed. I got to just relax and take the journey with the rest of the characters. (I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.) Darker Passions