Happy In Their Love (Men Of The Borderlands #10) - Marla Monroe This is a story that focuses on loss and love. Yes, it’s a ménage, and a great one. What I loved most was the developing relationship between the three and the fact that there was no one in immediate danger or that no one was trying to interfere with the relationship.Russell, what can I say about him other that he’s a strong man with a soft heart and tender touch? He recognizes and accepts his feelings for Celina pretty much from the start and supports her in any way he can while still protecting her. Abe is a man who has sealed not only his heart, but his person off from the world. He’s been living alone for eight years and finds it difficult to let himself care for others. Abe is scared of losing what he love’s most all over again. Celina is pregnant and just lost her husband when Abe and Russell find her. It takes her a bit to deal with the feelings growing for the two men in relation to having lost her husband. She’s a strong woman who made a conscious decision to love again and her strength comes through. I really like the fact that we get a fair amount of the story after everyone accepts the relationship and we got some time to meet the baby. Like I said earlier this is an erotic ménage and the sex was very hot and well written, but the love story was what made the book for me. Also posted on Darker Passions