Hook's Pan  - Marie Hall I’ve loved this series from the first book and this one is no exception. Marie made one Frickin’ HOT Hook. I really like the direction she took this familiar fairy tale. It’s no longer familiar, but it sure is better. The story comes alive with the descriptions of the various realms. I could close my eyes and they came alive. I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to watch Peter Pan the same way again. I’ll definitely be substituting their Hook with the Hook from this book.James (Hook) has been just existing for the past century. He lost his love in one of the worst ways possible. He drinks too much and is becoming more like the stories portray him all the time. James is about at the end of his rope when fate, otherwise known as Danika, literally drops Trisha at his feet. Trisha has also known pain and loss, especially in this life. She isn’t even sure she’s capable of love. From the moment she lands at Hooks feet she lets him know that he may be the captain of the ship, but definitely not of her. Trisha’s journey from disbelief to lust and finally to love was very fun and touching to witness. The interactions between James and Trisha were funny and emotional. The best part is finding out that Marie Hall isn’t finished with the world of Kingdom. YAY! There will be more stories from this wonderful place. (I received a copy from author in return for an honest review.)Also posted on Darker Passions