The Lady and the Unicorn: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance - Iris Johansen Rafe is a man that gets the things he wants, the way he wants them. He came up from nothing his refusal to hear the word no and his drive to succeed has made him a billionaire. It has also gotten him basically put on house arrest due to driving himself so hard he got ill and needs to recover. Rafe is bored doing nothing which makes his already angry and intimidating personality even worse. That is until Janna literally scales the walls to his “castle” determined to talk to him about saving the animals. I actually liked Rafe despite his severe lack of tact or “PCness”. It was made clear, to me, why he was the way was and the struggle to come to terms with needing anything, much less love someone was well done. Janna is just as determined as Rafe to get what she needs to keep her animals free and that is exactly what he uses against her. Janna has her own issues with getting close to a man. Her inner strength tempered with the vulnerability that she doesn’t want to admit to or show anyone was something I did like. This is a good quick read. If you have issues with definite alpha males that are over the top and not in the least worried about what others think you won’t like this one. I didn’t think I would – I was wrong. Also posted on: Darker Passions(I was given a copy in return for an honest review.)