Mated to the Devil - Eve Langlais 3.5 stars. Mina is raised by religious fanatics. I don’t mean extremely religious or devout. Her family looks down their noses at anyone who isn’t “religious”, white, and perfect. With this mind, Mina’s cousin’s take her to a frat party. They really don’t like Mina and leave her on her own to survive. Lucky for her Remy saves the day. After the seduction by Remy, Mina sneaks out and goes home never to see him again, or so she thinks. She’s convinced she’s slept with the Devil, due to the glowing eyes and feelings he stirred in her. Apparently so does her family who unceremoniously throw her out of their house and lives the same day she finds out she’s pregnant. Remy is a hot alpha male with all the trimmings including the over confidence and arrogance. He completely screws it up when he sleeps with and marks Mina through a haze of alcohol, which he drinks WAY too much of trying get his courage up to face his mate. He looks for her and of course can’t find her; having her name would’ve helped in the search. Fast forward 5 years and circumstances bring Mina and Remy back together. Witnessing Mina struggle with her family’s indoctrination and what she now understands to be wrong changed my opinion of her. In the first few chapters of the book Mina got on my last nerve and was beyond stupid. After living the next five years raising her son on her own then reuniting with Remy we see her strength and growth. Remy has to acknowledge all he did wrong and help Mina deal with her past, present and future. He is also thrown into the role of father and he’s great at it. They face the threat to their son together and the challenges of being in an interracial relationship admirably. I like the fact that some of the true issues of such a relationship were confronted in this book. I received a copy of the book for an honest review.