Lucifer's Daughter (Princess of Hell, #1) - Eve Langlais This is a very fun read. It is on the short side, but that doesn’t hurt it at all, except that you’ll want more. I’m going to try and tell you what I liked without any spoilers.Muriel is the vivacious, defiant daughter of Satan and that is a source of never ending embarrassment to him. I thought Muriel was a tough, confident woman. Yet she had her vulnerabilities. She is a virgin and will remain that way until she finds love and this sets up many hilarious scenes between her and her father. Satan/Daddy is not what you’d expect from the ultimate evil. He’s just a dad that loves his daughter (even though he’d never admit it). Satan has to deal with the fact that Muriel is his “good” daughter and he has reputation to maintain. Auric turns out to be all Muriel is looking for and everything her daddy didn’t want. The question of whom and what he really is was something I couldn’t figure out, but when he enters the bar things really heat up. The sex is intense, well written, and abundant. I got to know and like the characters very well and am looking forward to continuing with the series. I received a copy of the book in return for an honest review. Also posted on Darker Passions