Hidden Alpha (Alpha Mates #1) - Kasey Dean Wow! Glad I decided to try a new author. Devlin and Chase are the Alpha and Beta to their pack. They are also mates looking for their 3rd. Devlin is a strong and confident alpha, yet he can be very compassionate and loving. He isn’t afraid to show Chase his love and affection. He can jump to conclusions pretty fast and they aren’t always the right ones. Chase is the Beta and main enforcer for the pack. He shares many of Devlin’s characteristics, except Chase is calmer and less quick to judge a situation without thinking it through. He was so happy to find their 3rd mate. Love at first scent, so to speak. Amalya is a women still struggling five years after the love of her life just up and left without explanation. She is finishing up her first year as a teacher when Chase walks in and grabs her attention and libido for the first time since Gavin left her. Amalya is a woman doing her best to survive after being left. She is confident in her career, just not so much in her self-worth. When Chase and Devlin tell her she is their mate she’s scared, but doesn’t deny her feelings for them. Moving in with them was her only hope for love and future, no matter that it terrified her. The sex was loving and hot, whether it was between the guys, or the guy(s) and Amalya. I did get a little tired of reading “my mate” so much, but it was done in context. The editing could have been better. It was cases of they when it should have been the. I’d give it a 4.5 if it weren’t for the editing. I’d also give fewer stars if the editing was something that was really bothersome (to me) or overwhelming. edit: typo