A Vampire's Salvation (Beyond Human Novellas #1) - Virna DePaul I received this from NetGalley for an honest review. This story is short and filled with romance and action. If you like PNR, erotica, and are looking for a good fast read this is for you. Frankie is a complex person. She’s confident in her work life, yet insecure and innocent when it comes to sex and relationships. Frankie has good reason not to trust men. It all stems from an incident in her past which has left her scarred both physically and emotionally. Jake is a vampire that is almost out of time when he finds his life mate in Frankie. He knows he’ll have a time of it getting her to trust him. It was sweet the way he took his time, was loving and gentle with her. Of course, he protects and saves Frankie. He waits a little too long for me before he makes her aware that she’s his life mate. It would have saved her a lot of her hurt and confusion. The story is fast paced and will keep you engaged. There was plenty of sex for a story of this size and it was pretty steamy. My only issue was with one scene, if I’d read “slowly and tenderly” one more time I might have stopped reading. It’s obvious from the ending that the story will continue, but not who it will be about. It could be about different people, but I felt it left Jake and Frankie’s story with a “to be continued” feel. This is a good short read with just a bit more information and length it could have been a really good/great story. Also posted on Darker Passions