SWAT Team One and the Social Worker - Dixie Lynn Dwyer 4.5 stars What a great start to a series! This story is long, action packed, and steamy. It pretty much has it all…mystery, romance, action, and great sex. I didn’t want to put it down, but sleep did call. I thoroughly enjoyed that everyone involved in the story was aware of shifters. It was refreshing not to have to go through the reveal and the heroine’s conflict over it. Instead the author focused on the characters and plot, and boy was there a plot. There was more than one theme throughout the book, but it was written so well they were tied together nicely and I never got confused. The twist at the end was something I definitely didn’t see coming. Samantha has a lot to deal with in a short amount of time. Feeling guilty over a lost love she resists her attraction to the 5 brothers of swat team one. They live in the same neighborhood and seem to always be there when Sam needs them. Samantha lost her mother when she was young and her father comes across as lacking and neglectful. I got to see Samantha grow into herself, after she is finally told the truth of who and what she is, and accept the love of her mates. The inner strength she has was amazing. The brothers, Dustin, Trey, Adam, Donny, and Kyle are all Alpha males and show it. They waited about a year before claiming Sam so they didn’t overwhelm her. They are dominating yet tender, loving and caring about and with Samantha. It would have been easy for the brothers to come across as a single entity, but Dixie made sure the book was long enough and detailed enough for each of their personalities to come through and I loved each one of them. The sex was handled well. It wasn’t just a continuous ménage/free for all. There was time for each brother to have his time with Samantha. It was sweet and loving. It was hard and fast. It was always hot. I wondered how it would be handled with 5 men, but it was done better than I’ve read with some of the m/f/m I’ve read. This is a must read if you’re a fan of PNRe and ménage.