Kansas Heat - Jenny Penn A little conflicted over this one. I wanted to really love it, but I didn’t. It was good and a very good size for an eBook. My issues are personal opinions. It was well written and the characters really were developed and brought to life. Knox was too cruel. I get that the author wanted there to be strife and conflict between him and Amanda, but I just think it went overboard. I would never have forgiven him for some of the things he said and did. He would only call me a whore once and never see me again. It wasn’t just his hurtful words but his entire attitude. Knox had a problem falling/being love and took his confusion and pain out on Amanda. It wasn’t until after the final straw for Amanda and she left that he came to accept that he wanted her. I don’t there was enough remorse or groveling from Knox for Amanda to take him back. I loved Jace. He truly loved Amanda and treated her accordingly. He was there for her emotionally and tried to build her up not down. My only issue is that he didn’t beat the shit out of Know enough. Cody is the baby brother and his personality showed it. He was all about fun and getting what he wanted. He devastates Amanda with his obsessive loyalty to another woman. Cody also says something that degrades Amanda and shows his immaturity in a public setting. He truly felt horrible for his actions, but it was more than Amanda could take. It took him awhile to admit to himself and a little longer for him to tell Amanda that he loved her. Amanda is a woman with some self-worth issues. I felt as if she was too confrontational to hide insecurities. Sometimes, Amanda would be antagonistic to a fault and then get all hurt when the reaction she gets is appropriate. Then she takes more, of what I would consider hateful and borderline abusive, than anyone ever should from the brothers, especially Knox. Amanda does eventually leave the brothers due to their behavior, but this was after she went back and forth a few times. It took her a bit, but Amanda gets some backbone and stands up for herself. Maybe it was a little too long. The relationship between the brothers and Amanda seemed to take a circular route and too long to develop into something loving and healthy for it got a little aggravating. It ends with more of a HFN then a HEA. It feels like the story should continue with the next book, not a conclusive ending. ETA: more detail.