The Healer - Sharon Sala I was hooked from the first page, well from the author's dedication to her grandmother.I really enjoyed this book. There is a wonderful love story, action and more than one mystery. I even love the cover. I really loved the Hero and Heroine. The side characters are well developed and come to life as well, some more than others. Luce and Jonah are two of the strongest and loneliest H/h couple I’ve read about in a while. To watch them find love with each other and make themselves vulnerable enough to fight for that love was delightful. I appreciate it when the main characters don’t fight their attraction or each other, but instead recognize what a precious gift love is and hold on with both hands. There is more than one mystery in this story and they were done in such a way that, for once, I didn’t figure it out until just before the answer was revealed. That was fun. I picked more than one person to be the “stalker” and was really impressed with how well it was hidden. I didn’t see that one coming, but keep trying to figure out the clues. The second mystery is who is after Jonah this time. I seriously didn’t figure that one out until it was obvious. It was a good twist to the usual. I can’t say much more without spoiling it. This is definitely one I will re-read. I recommend this for anyone who likes romance and/or mystery.ETA: More detailed review.