Blown Down - Em Petrova Chapel is a strong and confident woman when it comes to pretty much everything in her life except for her father. She was raised by a single father from an early age when her mother died. Chapel longs for her dad’s approval and any show of affection he’ll give. She is in love with a logger her father doesn’t like and all and who isn’t afraid to let her know he loves, appreciates and approves of her. Chapel may have taken on more that she or the company could handle when she signs a big logging contract. Her father’s disapproval and hostility spur her into finally moving out of his house and right into the arms of her men. Abe is all man and heart. I love the fact that he isn’t afraid to show his love and affection for Chapel. He’s the first to invite Levi into their relationship because he sees the way she looks at him and vice versa. It wasn’t an easy decision for Abe; he had to come to terms with the fact that it didn’t bother him to think of Chapel with Levi, who he loves like a brother. It came to the fact that he loves them both and the logging industry is far from safe. He and Levi love Chapel and together if something happened to one of them the other could still love and care for her. Levi comes into town after a stint in prison. He’s shocked at Abe’s offer of a place to stay, not being to use to anything nice from others. A friendship and bond form between the men and Levi falls for Chapel pretty much from the beginning. He’s amazed and willing when Abe suggests they share/love Chapel together. Levi struggles with telling his lovers about his past, fearful they will reject him if they know the truth. Of course Chapel’s dad buts into it and causes conflict between the three. This is a wonderful story of love and growing trust. It also shows the importance of honesty and openness in relationships of all kinds. The refreshing thing is there isn’t an overwhelming amount of angst. None really between the lovers, it comes from situations they find themselves in. The steamy scenes were very hot and really well done. They didn’t come across at all cheesy, which is sometimes easy to do with ménages. The sex wasn’t repetitive and it was imaginative and sweet. The way Abe and Levi work together and stand up for each other and Chapel is terrific. The ending, as well as the whole story, was well done and believable even if it ended too soon ;) If you’re looking for a story that is very warm and a heartfelt romance with a bit of action then I would definitely recommend this one. I didn’t want to put it down the few times I had to when real life intruded.