Amy "Red" Riding's Hood - Liz Adams This is for readers over 18!In this short story of adult fairy tale erotica, “Red” Riding is tired of being a virgin. Her best bet is a lycan named Sean. He’s perfect. Crystal blue eyes, dimpled smile, buff chest, and wicked bulge! But being in a community that frowns upon human-lycan relationships makes loving Sean more challenging than she ever imagined. I don’t want to tell you too much about the characters so that I don’t give away any of the story. Sean is a lycan in love with a human. He’s definitely an alpha with his confidence and disregard for social views to get what he wants. Let’s just say he is also very talented orally.“Red” comes across as a naïve virgin in the opening pages. Don’t let her fool you, she knows what she wants and she wants Sean. (I mean who wouldn’t?) This is not the little Red Riding Hood we all grew up with. She’s all grown up and looking for a love that comes with passion. Red finds that love and it comes with plenty of steam. Liz Adams has developed her characters well in this short story. I didn’t think you could get to know two people so well in a short fairytale, but I did. The side characters come across as real also, not just there for filler as in some stories I’ve read.