For Their Happiness (Moonbeam Pack) - Jayton Young This is the first time I’ve read anything of Jayton Young’s and I am so glad I took a chance on a new author. This was an emotional and exciting read. I wanted to cry at times, I was angry at times and it ended with a smile.Crystie is the omega of her pack, she can feel and influence others emotions. She goes beyond that though; her drive is to see others happy/content, even at the expense of her own. On what turns out to be her last day of school she scents her mate only to realize that it’s Trent. Crystie is devastated. She just knows Trent loves Nikki, so she denies the mate bond so that he and Nikki can be happy together. The strength it takes to deny that basic need is only one example of how special Crystie is. The consequences of that show up slowly over the next few years. Her wolf leaves her and she is losing the physical strengths of being a were. The emotional toll is the worst, so Crystie decides to go on a pack hunt with other mateless wolves to get away from the situation. Only after they leave do they find out that rouges are looking for an omega and willing to steal them. Trent has spent most of his life looking and wishing for his mate. He and Nikki have been best friends since they were born. Trent and Nikki decide to mate with each other so that he can ascend as Alpha with the strength of that bond. They are just friends, Nikki has her own reasons you will discover and Trent has just lost hope or thinks his true mate has died. Then he gets a call saying that their Omega has been injured in an attack by feral wolves and heads that way. (All of Crystie’s hard work is for naught when Trent shows up.) Overall this is a wonderful read. The character development is great; I really felt what Crystie was going through. Trent’s character didn’t really develop until about 30% of the way into the book, but when it did I could see his Alpha side and the tender side he showed no one but his mate. There are a few spots the editing could have been better. The side characters were more than filler and I can’t wait to see who Ms. Young writes about next. Originally posted on Darkerpassions