Dragon Wish - Judith Leger The story is well written and holds you from page one. I look forward to more from this author. Judith Ledger creates the intricate and fascinating world of Avaris. A placed that is well developed and filled with dragons (great and small), wizards, cat people and another from earth.A dragonseed's wish can open the gates between realities, can alter fate. But has fate itself decreed this wish? For the throne-less dragonseed's destiny is entwined with that of a mortal mate; their son is fated to be the One True Dragon King to rule over all the dragons. But not all dragons are content to accept one rule, and the rebels quietly gather allies to prevent the birth of Seren's baby Seren is a psychic from New Orleans on Earth. Her husband divorced her after the death of their daughter. While having a hard time dealing with her visions and grief a doorway is open and she taken from her home and earth. Paladin is a dragonseed on his way to bury his wife and unborn child when he makes a wish and comes to save Seren and bring her to his world. The two of them must struggle to overcome their painful pasts in order to move forward with trust and love. The secondary characters are just as developed and interesting as Seren and Paladin. http://darkerpassions.com/Home_Page.html