Carved in Stone - Kate Douglas 3.5 Stars This is a unique story as far as the paranormal aspect is concerned. It is well written with no editing issues that I noticed. The intimacy between Alex and Nate is steamy and intense without being too explicit. Alex is a woman with some serious control issues, sometimes to her detriment. The issues stem from the relationship, or lack of, that she has with her father. His betrayal devastated her. On top of that her ex was a real jerk. Alex seems to have painted all men by their standards and is determined to stay away from them. She fights her attraction to Nate with everything she’s got and I have to admit at times she got on my nerves. It was a bit OTT with Alex getting close to him and then closing up and pushing him away. I can see where that was a necessary part of the story; didn’t stop it from being annoying at times. I’ll admit that when she gives her heart she really gives it. Nate is a man burned by a past relationship and he also fights his desire for Alex in the beginning. He comes across as a real person with character flaws and issues. There were a few times when he would get angry and go off on Alex in an almost cruel way and I did not like him at those times. I understood it was a protective reaction and he felt bad after, but still. They finally come together while they try to get out of the cave, solve the mystery of the mountain, and stop the smugglers. There’s plenty of action throughout the story. I enjoyed the mystery of the cave and had to wait until it was revealed, didn’t figure this one out. Overall I enjoyed the story and recommend this to those wanting a romance with plenty of action and a bit of the paranormal with it. I felt the HEA was believable. (I received a copy from publisher for an honest review.)Darker Passions