Love Me  - Diane Alberts I was expecting a quick steamy read with little or no depth. I was wrong. Yes, this is a short 134 pages but there’s a lot of depth to this story. It deals with betrayal, hurt, death, and love. This is a story about two people overcoming devastating loss and pain to love again. It took ‘til the third chapter for the book to be un-put downable. I really enjoyed the way that Thomas and Brianna came together and worked at a relationship. It was refreshing not to have anyone’s life in danger or another person trying to tear them apart. The story revolved around the issues they had to struggle to deal with and how they handled each other. There were some moments that had me tearing up and others I was laughing out loud. I could feel Brianna’s pain and confusion at learning to open up again. Thomas’s past was handled so that I could understand the cold mask he sometimes wore, but that didn’t make it any less frustrating when he would just close himself off from Brianna. I need to say that I really love the cover!I recommend this for anyone looking for a quick read that has sweet romance, touching moments and funny ones. (I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.)