Rocky (Tales of the Were) - Bianca D'Arc I admit I love this series. This is the best one so far. It has a big, handsome, loving and gentle Bear shifter!!!!!!!! Yep, I love me some bear shifters. Rocky has loved Maggie for years, but put his feelings aside when she got married. When Maggie suddenly shows up with the devastating news that her husband/ Rocky’s “brother “was murdered Rocky realizes that even through his grief he is still in love with Maggie. Now that Maggie knows that he is a shifter there’s not anything holding him back from acting on his feelings. He lets her know how he feels and that he accepts her cubs as his own, all he has to do now is protect them. Maggie found out about her husband right before his death, so on top of that shock she has to go on the run while pregnant. She is a strong woman to survive on her own as long as she did while grieving for her spouse. Maggie finally ran to Rocky and safety. I could feel and understand her struggle to come to terms with her love of Rocky. It was refreshing that the heroine had 8 months to come to terms with losing her husband. Granted the time was before the story really started, but it was realistic. Maggie didn’t lose her husband and run to Rocky and get over her husband and fall in love again all in very short time. I also really appreciate that the H/h didn’t fight the attraction or mating even if Maggie had to struggle with herself. The sex was steamy and realistic. Rocky was gentle when needed and more aggressive at times. He was a considerate and fully capable lover. I was shocked at the end to be reaching for the tissue. I didn’t see that coming and it made the ending so much more satisfying. I love it when there’s a HEA for the couple. Recommend to:Those who love paranormal romance and shifters. Did I mention that Rocky is a bear shifter?!! This is also for anyone looking for a sweet love story with a little action.