The Hero (Thunder Point, #3) - Robyn Carr I have to admit I love the Thunder Point series, but this may be my favorite yet. The story flows nicely and the characters are well developed.Devon is a very strong young woman who digs even deeper inside to save her daughter. She is “rescued” by Rawley and we learn so much more about him in this one. He helps Devon to adjust to society again and gain confidence in herself. Through all this she’s a good mother and grows every day, it was heartening to watch the whole town support her and care for her even though they knew her and Rawley’s “story” wasn’t exactly true. Spencer is also new to Thunder Point as their new football coach. He’s a decent hero, I didn’t fall in love with him, but I did like and understand where his thoughts were coming from. He has his own issues and child to deal with, but he does pull some typical bone headed male moves. My favorite character of this whole series, not just this book, is Rawley. I liked him before, but this story really helped me love him. There was so much revealed about him and it was both heartwarming and breaking. There’s a second (or third?) story line that’s about the compound and it’s women that Devon escapes from. The leader is the reason she needs the protection the town gives her. The way the book ended I’m pretty sure we will hear more about some of these characters. (I received a copy from publisher for an honest review.)Darker Passions