A Texas Hero - Linda Warren I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It has a bit of everything, but it’s balanced well. We get the views of Abby, Ethan, both of their parents, and Ethan’s daughter. It goes back and forth between the characters thoughts, the events happening to them and it is done very good. The story flows and didn’t feel choppy. I liked the fact that along with the romance and angst that went along with that, there was also action, danger, and mystery. The interpersonal dynamics within each family was explained but not overdone. I particularly liked the funny ways/words Ethan’s dad tried to not cuss around his granddaughter. Both Ethan and Abby has issues to deal with, both personal and familial issues. Some of these are talked about between the two as they try to get out of the woods with their lives. They are drawn to each other and struggling for survival both helps that along and keeps it from developing. The night they spend on the front porch of an abandoned cabin was as steamy as the hot summer night. I recommend this to anyone looking for a good CR with just enough action and angst. (I received a copy for an honest review.)