Haunted Laird - Tara Nina I recieved the ebook for a book tour and honest review. Lynn is in Scotland for more than ghosts. She is going on the trip she dreamed of and planned with her late husband. I felt for Lynn, her loneliness and then confusion when she meets the cursed Padon. Lynn has to decide to go forward with her life and say goodbye to the past. Tara made Lynn’s emotional struggle heartfelt. Padon is a very hot 200 year old Scotsman. His anxiety with his current situation and today’s technology was well done and believable. It would have been easy to overdo it. I liked Padon from the start. He knew what he wanted and went after it/her. The thoughts he has during daylight hours are hot!This is a story of two people finding their one despite the years. I would recommend this book to any fan of Paranormal Romance. It’s a nice change from shifters and vamps. This review was also posted on Darker PassionsETC: typo