The Reluctant Virgin (Ride 'em Hard, #6) - Stacey Espino I really liked this book. Although I’ve really liked everything of Stacey Espino’s I’ve read. This one will tug at your heart. It wasn’t like a lot of ménage out there where the men involved already know that’s the type of relationship they want. Josh, Matthew and Chance come to this decision when Cindy admits to loving them all and doesn’t want to choose. Cindy was tormented her entire childhood and it has her convinced that she will always be alone. No man could want her once they know her secret. She molded herself into a strong self-sufficient woman, at least to the outside world. It was hard at times to watch (read) her deal with her hurt and anger. I’ll admit her lack of confidence was annoying at times, but it was relevant to the story. With the patience and love of the men involved she blossomed into a truly strong and loving woman who not only accepts love but expects it from “her men”. What can I say about the men? Hot, sexy, alpha and once they love they love completely. Chance is my favorite, for his patience and immediate acceptance of what Cindy needs. Josh starts out a playboy and has a difficult time admitting that he’s in love. When he finally does he has the hardest time with the idea of a ménage. Matthew is a childhood friend that was always there for Cindy. He has a hard time convincing her that he could want her. Let’s just say he take me on a picnic any day! The sex scenes were steamy and very well done. They weren’t too long or drawn out and not quickies just to get through them. It didn’t come across as cheesy, which seems to be the case a little too often with these types of stories. edit:typo