Shifter Romance Boxed Set

Shifter Romance Boxed Set - Marina Maddix, Tawny Taylor, Celia Kyle, Elixa Everett, Dawn Steele, Aubrey Rose, Cynthia Brint, Julianna Reyer, Selena Kitt, Adriana Hunter, Eliza Gayle

I've read He Ain't Lion so far and will review that, I will edit and add to this as I read the others in this boxed set.

He Ain't Lion by Celia Kyle
4 stars
There’s a lot of seriously hot sex, humor and a great story packed into this novella. For the length of the story I laughed quite a bit.

Alex is the typical hot alpha except that he’s fallible and admits it. I really liked him and his inner dialogues. The way he handled Maya and her spunky attitude was great. I also loved Maya’s pet name for Alex and was impressed with how well she handled what happened to her.

Without spoiling the story all I can say is this was a great quick read that left me hot and smiling. I will read You're Lion, a continuation of Maya and Alex's story.

(I received a copy from publisher for an honest review.)