Wish Upon A Star

Wish Upon a Star (Entangled Ever After) - Michelle McLean

 This is a short story about a second chance romance. It started a bit slow for me, but when they got into Ceri’s ex-husbands offices the action started and didn’t stop. The story basically revolves around Ceri and Jason trying to save her daughter during a zombie outbreak. While fighting their way up the building and back they both wonder what if? Do they try again?

Ceri hasn’t seen Jason for five years, ever since he called of their wedding. In those years she married a very crazy man and divorced him. Ceri is still tied to him through their daughter and that’s how she ends up in an office with her ex-husband and ex-fiancé. Yep, it’s as awkward as it sounds.

Overall it’s a fairly good short story full of action with a bit of romance. It’s well written and the characters are fully developed. My only issue with it is the ending. It just abruptly ended; it felt more like a HFN instead of a HEA. Without major spoilers I can’t explain it in detail, I just hope there is more to the story.

(Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.)